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    Hi! Welcome to my little corner of the blogging world. I'm Rachel, owner of Rachel Kemble Photography and Vintage Film Babies. Previously, I was keeping up with a baby blog for the grandparents but not everything outside of photography fell into raising a child. Sweet Tea And Sugar came out of a necessity to put everything, not business related, in one spot. :-)

    Here you'll find a little bit of this and a little bit of that. I like to dabble and have my hands in many pots. I thank my military upbringing, where we moved like clockwork every 2-3 years, for giving me the desire to explore, experiment, try new things, and meet others from cultures different from my own. While I have settled and made Colorado my home, the thirst for adventure and travel is ingrained and I try to satisfy that need as much as I can.

    We are a family that enjoys gardening, traveling, Airstreams, feeding our worms, finding new use for old items, adventures, tantalizing our taste buds, being roommates to three cats, and participating in the active life of raising a 4 year old.

Where has time gone?? The 2nd half of summer flew by! Ever since seeing Cirque du Soleil – Kurios, a Cabinet full of Curiosities on July 4th while they were in Denver, we have been brain storming and designing our character costumes. Miss M has not wavered from being “Klara from Cirque du of the Sun” for Halloween this year.

After finding images online, she drew the “patterns” of what was needed for each costume. I then spent a couple of weeks of searching Etsy, Ebay, Amazon, even Walmart for items closely matching our idea, and discussing materials with an artist friend, I think we pull off some pretty good looking Cirque du Soleil characters! And thankfully, Greg’s grandmother use to play the accordion!

(Cirque images found on Google Images, drawings by Miss M, and our little family photo booth shoot.)

kurios cirque du soleil Halloween Costumeskurios cirque du soleil Halloween Costumes

Miss M also had a bit of fun with the wireless remote we set up to take some photos!

kurios cirque du soleil Halloween Costumes

This was my first time ever doing face paint. I was instructed that for the real Fall Festival later this month, that I needed to make it “more wavy.”

kurios cirque du soleil Halloween Costumes

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With 93 bulbs of garlic harvested, we then needed to figure out where to put it all to hang! You’d think from Oct, when we planted, we would have figured it out by the time we harvested in July.

After quickly throwing all of our coats in our master bedroom closet, it is in the 90s right now here, and viola! garlic hanging station in our coat closet, which is actually right off the kitchen. Perfect location to grab what we need when we need to. The garlic was clipped on the hangers with large binder clips.

We thought about our garage, but since it is currently a storage unit, better air circulation for the garlic would be in the house and pretty much a guarantee that no vampires with be visiting our home!

How do you hang out and dry your garlic? What varieties are your favorite?

hanging garlic to dry



Husky Homestead

If you ask my 4 year old daughter what her absolute favorite, bestest part of our trip to Alaska was, you’ll learn that it wasn’t the ATV ride, train ride, Elsa’s Summer Ice House (aka Ice Museum), while all of those were fun, none were the favorite. The favorite was the Husky Homestead, where we met 26 time Iditarod participant with 4 wins, Jeff King, and his Alaskan Huskies.

Husky Homestead “Where Dogs are King” shares their sled dogs with visitors during the summer. You literally get a puppy placed in your arms upon arrival (this helps the pups get use to being handled by many) and an introduction to dog sledding, the Alaskan Husky breed (not Siberian), dog training, along with the love and challenges of racing in the Iditarod. While Jeff’s video is about 8 or 9 years old, we felt the same passion and excitement during his talk at our visit. This man loves dog sledding and loves his dogs even more.

Hands down a must see and visit destination if you find yourself in Denali!

Maya did not want to let go of the 2 week old Alaskan Husky placed in her arms. Her little pup will forever be known to us as “Skunk” due to its markings (I didn’t check if it was a boy or girl). She has asked about Skunk no less than 5 times since we’ve been home and we’ve been home 2 days.

All images and video shot with the Olympus TG-4

husky homestead denali alaska

2 week old Alaskan Husky

Little “Skunk”

husky homestead denali alaska

Alaskan Husky Puppy!

husky homestead denali alaska alaskan husky puppy

Adorable Alaskan Puppy

husky homestead denali alaska alaskan husky puppyjeff king iditarod champion

With Jeff King

Previous Champion

Future Champion

That looks hot!


My daughter and I had a wonderful opportunity to visit Alaska this month to visit some friends and do some photoshoots while there. We took some time to travel up to Denali from Fairbanks and what better way to relax and enjoy Alaska’s scenery than by railroad. As their tagline states, “The Best Way to See Alaska is on the Railroad.”  I found that to be very true!!

The Alaska Railroad did not disappoint! I’ve previously traveled years ago by train from England to Scotland and numerous times into New York City when I lived there, but never by a service that also provided dining carts, observation decks, and had a conductor that enjoyed chatting with the passengers.

Fairbanks to Denai, or vice verse, takes about 4 hours by train, which was the perfect amount of time for a preschooler to explore, learn, have fun, and enjoy the excitement of riding the train. There is a very distinct vibe from those working on the train, one where you know that they love what they do and enjoy sharing their passion with others. All of the staff were friendly, approachable, and informative.

We enjoyed hanging out in the cafe car working on puzzles and our adventure journal, having ice cream for dessert, along with hanging out at the observation deck watching the train snake through the mountain and along the river.

All images taken with the Olyumpus TG-4



We saw Cirque Du Soleil’s Kurios, Cabinet full of Curiosities on July 4th and now my child is obsessed with Klara, “the hoop girl”. She’s decided that that is who she wants to be for Halloween and has selected characters for Greg and I. We are going to be the Kurios family!

It wasn’t until having a child that I learned how much I love costume dress up! Maya was a mad hatter her 1st Halloween. We were a pirate family one year and last year we won 3rd place for our Frozen family costumes!

This year though is a tough one!!! Thankfully I have Maya’s designs for Halloween costume creations!

Thank goodness for Ebay and artist friends because I’ve already found almost all the pieces needed to put together our costumes.

(Cirque images found via Google Images. Only one copyright listed)


The Singer

Ring Master (Image by Jaime Vedres Photography)